Image of Black Gold Casino, July 2016
  • Image of Black Gold Casino, July 2016

Black Gold Casino, July 2016


November's offering for the Print-a-Month Program:
"Black Gold Casino, July 2016"
Archival inkjet print
6 x 7.5 inch image area on 8 x 10 inch paper
Limited edition of 8 prints
Signed & numbered

*Available for the month of November only*

About the Print-a-Month Program:
I've started this program to support my long-term photography projects and to push more images out into the world. While working on these long-term projects, I make a lot of images; some of them will fit into the final edits, and others won't. In the meantime, I tend to hide the images away and hold onto them until everything is "just right." This Print-a-Month Program is a way for me to release images on a continuous basis, outside the bounds and confines of a specific project.

All images will be printed on 8x10 inch paper, signed and numbered, and produced as a limited edition of 8. The prints will be offered for one month only for $125. Standard domestic shipping is free in the U.S. For international orders, shipping charges will be added at checkout. CA state residents subject to sales tax upon checkout. All sales are final.

  • 8x10 inch limited edition print 100%